A Rainy Day in NY

A Rainy Day in NY

Does rain ever affect your multiple sclerosis? I find lately that the moisture in the air does have a small impact on my day. It’s certainly plays a role with my migraines. I’ve had headaches basically all week. However today they are expecting a nor’easter.

New York State agencies are gearing up for a Thursday-to-Saturday nor’easter that could drench and blast Long Island with rain and high winds and envelop upstate with snow, officials said.

From the moment I woke up I could feel it in my bones. I started the day out with a little fall. Knocking the wind out of my sails first thing in the morning. After that bump, I just went about my morning routine feeding the dogs, cleaning up after them, and getting ready to exercise. I’ve been so excited about exercising because each time I’ve been able to stand up just a little bit longer, until today. Today I didn’t even make four minutes standing. I sat down for just about the entire routine. When I was done, I barely made it to my chair to get my legs up and relax. It even took me an hour to write my blog. I speak my blog, no writing involved just correcting, and I was too tired to do it.

I was going to the food store today but I asked my aid to help me out. She’s going to do the shopping now and then hopefully I’ll be able to be rested to do some cooking. I also broke and finally took my migraine medicine because the aspirin was working but I was taking it too often.

Does the rain affect you? I don’t remember it really making a difference until more recently so I was curious what everybody else felt.

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  1. No, I don’t think it does. I lived in rainy Seattle for many years, and now I’m in the rainy season in North Carolina, so I don’t think it does. But I will pay more attention to it!

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