Me and my wheelchair

Me and my wheelchair

I made it!!! Another summer survived. I’m ready for my jeans and sweatshirts. Im ready to turn off the AC. I’m ready to open my balcony windows and let the crisp air in through the condo. I’m ready to snuggle under warm blankets.

I did ok this summer mainly because of my van and wheelchair. I couldn’t have done most things without the use of my wheelchair. Thankfully my van provides me with that ability to be mobile and safe. It has helped me so much I can’t imagine how hard life would be without it’s use. I can’t imagine putting together my portable scooter every time I needed to go out. I certainly couldn’t do it alone. I wouldn’t have been able to survive in the heat with the portable one either. I love my little wheelchair it is perfect for me at this stage.

I find I’m in my chair more often now even when I’m home. My walls have all the scratch marks to prove it. I end up going in after I workout or at night when I’m tired. I fought this step as I fought many of the needed device steps as my MS progressed but it really has made life so much easier. Plus I’m remembered by a lot of people. It is hard to not be recognized when you are young in a wheelchair. It was another stage of my MS I had to accept but has made life so much easier. I survived another summer thanks to my wheelchair and van. I am sure as time goes on that I will be in the wheelchair even more and I’m ok with that. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be all those years ago I was scared.

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