Pincushion Arms and Infusion on Horizon

Pincushion Arms and Infusion on Horizon

I’m sneezing. My first cold of the year. I have been taking my oregano oil for a few days. It has probably helped but it hasn’t stopped the cold like it has in the past. I think things are just not affecting me the same since my whole pneumonia debacle. Oregano oil use to knock out anything as soon as I felt the twinge. Now I feel like it doesn’t do the trick. I’m not use to actually feeling run down from a cold. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold and felt lousy. I am going to be happy to lie in bed all day after I complete occupational therapy. This is my last week of therapy. I will be done until the new year. That isn’t very far off anymore. This has been quite a year. It went by very fast but it was definitely one of the hardest years I’ve had. I think if there was ever a question of my strength and perseverance, this year was proof.

Is it too early to set goals for next year? Please I’m just trying to get through next week at the gastroenterologist. I have my Rituxan infusion coming up again soon. I feel like it never ends. I am not looking forward to my infusion. The thought of a six hour infusion is daunting. Just the idea of finding a vein. My poor arms. I think my veins constricted inwards at the thought of being pricked. I have such difficult veins for getting IVs started. When I was in the hospital I would have to have the specialty IV nursing team to re-start IV lines when my veins blew out every 4-5 days. I looked like a true drug addict with all the prick and black and blue marks left behind. I have become a human pincushion thanks to my veins. I have veins that roll, are deeper than expected or have actually scar tissue and the line can’t advance. Those are all the problems if they even can find a vein suitable to put an IV. After all, it has to be in a spot that you aren’t hitting or bending for 6 hours. I can’t use the place where they’d take a blood sample because I’d mess up the line within five minutes. Trust me, we’ve tried that spot too. I even discussed getting a port with my IV nurse. It was then I made the temporary switch to Kesimpta. I don’t really think a port for a drug I get twice a year makes any sense. I can’t see that being my only option at this point. I will for now keep praying for a good vein when the time comes. After all, I need the supplies and delivery to go right long before the infusion.

As far as the gastroenterologist, I have no idea how that is going to go. I wish he ran more tests with the stool sample. At the very least repeat ALL the tests run on the first sample. Mom wants me to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Whatever is wrong, something is wrong. Doctor sounds like he was leaning towards the pancreatic enzymes. They were low in one test and technically normal in the second test. He felt even the normal test was still on the low side, just making it into the normal range. I don’t know. I don’t want another pill. We will find out next week. I’d sooner do more tests than leave it to trying another medication.

Today I am resting in bed. I’m definitely not at my finest level. I have two morning workouts and 1 lousy OT session to prove this. I am hoping it passes soon. Happy Wednesday.

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