Despite my MS, I am very happy

Despite my MS, I am very happy

I’ve lived in my condo officially two weeks today. I know I sound like a broken record and I apologize, but I just am so happy. I’m always blogging about all the bad things, living with multiple sclerosis and how tough it is, it’s just so nice to recognize the good things. Every day I say to my mom, I love this place thank you so much. I probably could say that every day and it would never be enough. How could you ever say thank you for a gift this amazing.?Understand I still pay rent, I still do my part as much as I can, but without them, this never would’ve never happened. How do you say thank you for that? I’m sitting here writing my blog with the sun right on me, glistening off the water and it’s just so beautiful. How could you ever thank somebody for that?

Everything about this condo is easier for me. I finally started cooking again this week. The kitchen is a lot smaller than the kitchen I had. For me that actually is a very good thing. Everything is right there, right behind me, right above me, right next to me, I don’t have to take extra steps. I was able to make my whole soup yesterday without the fatiguing myself because I wasn’t walking back-and-forth and back-and-forth and back-and-forth. It’s a tremendous difference. Every little bit helps. Every step that I don’t have to take makes a big difference in my day. Even going to the bathroom. The distance from the couch is about the same but the bathroom is smaller. So to get to the toilet is shorter once I’m in there.

Since I now have a walk-in closet, I bring my walker with me when I’m figuring out what I’m wearing. It’s a lot more helpful than when I used to stand there trying to decide at my old closet. I never even could get my walker in my bedroom. Now my walker is always with me so I’m safer. This helps minimize falls. I have had maybe two or three falls since moving in which is better than the amount I fell in my previous place. I did fall in my shower. My nonskid mat wasn’t so nonskid. However, there’s nothing to hit your head on to hurt yourself. Everything is flat so it wasn’t so much a fall but a kind of slid, and I had my grab bar and I pulled myself up and I was fine. There isn’t any old ceramic tub with edges for shampoo and a soap holder. Everything in there is plastic so there was nothing in there that can actually hurt me which, of course, is another plus. I will get a different mat too.

I can go on for a really long time on this blog so I’m going to stop and stop boring people. I just wanted to say how happy I am. Despite all my MS issues and despite all my blogs about my weight, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. I’ve learned that the simplest thing can bring such joy and when this major thing of getting this condo came I honestly never knew how how blissful I could wake up each morning. Life is a gift.

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  1. I live reading positive posts about living with MS. It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day challanges and forget that we are still who we are. The condo sounds amazing and I am so glad it is helping you to live well.

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