A bad day can be just that, a day

A bad day can be just that, a day

For the many bad days of multiple sclerosis, there are better ones as well. Yesterday was one of those days. I started off with a workout as usual. My energy level was definitely high and I was able to double up on all the arm exercises. I had one of those workouts where I was sweating and my heart was pumping. I was tired but in a good way when I was finished. The way you should feel after a good workout. Even more important I recovered easily because I had my physical therapist later in the afternoon. I even managed to arrange my pills for two weeks and eat before the therapist came. I was feeling good.

My therapist wanted to work on getting up from the floor especially after my events from Friday. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so damn hard. So I lowered myself to the floor. I got myself back up in minutes. No help needed. I had the energy. I even had the energy to repeat the floor scenario where I get my butt on my stool and have to pull myself up. I needed to work on some variations with the stool. We stretched and I walked with my rollater a few laps. Pretty impressive day and I wasn’t even done. My final task was showering which I did prior to eating dinner. All of this and I had no issues getting myself into bed at 10pm.

Why was I able to do so much yesterday and completely fatigued on Friday? How many times have I asked myself this question? What makes one day better than another? What makes the difference in my body? What could I do differently? What should I do differently? Why is one day so much harder than another?

I wish I could answer any of these questions. I’m sure many people, doctors included, would love to have these answers but they don’t know. There is no rhyme or reason why each day is so dramatically different. That’s why it is important to appreciate the good days when they come. It’s just as important to remember that a bad day can be just that, a day. As always we are warriors so stay strong.

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  1. Great read and message. I too, racking my brain to figure out what made one day good and another not so good. On a given bad dayit is helpful to remind oneself a good day is just around the corner.

    Dix –

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